What is it?
AIEnRUTa-Artists is a program organized by AIE to promote live music and bring new talents closer to the audience through an arranged tour of concerts in different live music venues throughout the country.

How does it work?
A jury will select several artist candidates from different backgrounds and representing different music genres to participate in a series of live concerts in music venues across the Spanish geography for a period of three months. Apply to participate!

When does it take place?
AIEnRUTa-Artists call is open all year round! The selection process of artists and performances takes place in two different periods of the year: January-June and September-December.

How to participate

How to participate in the selection process

If you are a performer, you are interested in the program and want to participate:

Apply online and send the following materials to any AIE office:

  • Physical format: send your record (CD, EP, LP, etc.) to any AIE office.
  • Digital format: add in the apply form the links to your music in digital music platforms.
Who selects the artists?

The selection of artists participating in AIEnRUTa-Artists is carried out by a committee of experts consisting of:

    • Partner Entities: one representative of the Government of Madrid, one representative of the Regional Government of Catalonia, one representative of the Etxepare Basque Institute-Basque Government and one representative of the Government of the Canary Islands.
    • Media representatives: one representative of Radio 3, one representative of Enderrock, one representative of Mondosonoro, one representative of Sol Música, one representative of Escenarios, one representative of La Noche en Vivo, one representative of BIFM and several music experts.
    • Representatives of the Live Music Venues Association: one representative of ACCES (Live Music Venues State Association), ASSAC (Live Music Venues Association of Catalonia), Aragón en Vivo (music venues association of Aragón), Kultura LIVE (music venues association of Euskadi), La Noche en Vivo (music venues association of Madrid), Clubtura (live music venues association of Galicia) and CyL en Vivo (music venues association of Castilla y León).
    • Music experts from different geographical backgrounds and representing different music styles.

The committee of experts selects artists and bands from different geographical and musical backgrounds for each touring period.

Carrying out the selection process

The selection is carried out in accordance with an agreed division of music styles, and performers are classified into the following genres:

      • Pop,
      • Rock,
      • Flamenco,
      • Songwriter,
      • Folk,
      • Jazz and
      • New musics.

This classification allows us to plan your performances according to the usual schedules of live music venues participating in AIEnRUTa-Artists.

When does the selection take place?

A committee of experts meets twice a year to evaluate project proposals which will be selected to participate in the two annual cycles.

Artists and bands participating in the cycle between January and June will be selected in October of the previous year, and those participating in the cycle between September and December will be selected in April.

The next selection committee will meet on October 13, 2022. The call for proposals is open until September 30.

All materials submitted are valid for three program calls. Proposals not selected to participate in a certain period will be considered for the next selection process, and the Committee will review them again, along with any new materials provided.


Find here all AIEnRUTa concerts scheduled for the current call.





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Hoy Empieza Todo (Radio 3)

Every month, Carlos Igual presents the songs of AIEnRUTa selected performers in the radio show ‘Hoy empieza todo’ in Radio 3.

Listen to the last broadcast here.

Playlist Patillas DJ (Radio 3)

On Saturdays, from 8:00 to 9:00, Carlos Igual will give you more information about AIEnRUTa-Artists on Radio 3 in the DJ Patillas program.

Listen to the last broadcast here.

El Canto del Grillo (RNE)

The songs of AIEnRUTa selected performers are also played on the radio show ‘El canto del Grillo’ in RNE.

Listen to the last broadcast here or play it directly on your computer, smartphone or on any other device from here.