Value of Music

Music Brings Value

A wide diversity of companies and entities (night clubs, restaurants, shops, radio and TV stations, cinemas, Internet…) use music as a means to bring an added value to their production processes and to improve their business by enhancing their commercial activity.

• The public broadcasting of music provides not only a direct source of income for these entities, but also a series of intangible benefits which are essential for a good business performance: customer satisfaction, supply diferentiation, motivation of their employees… Would this be possible without music? Imagine your business withotu music. Find here a list of all types of businesses and establishments that must legalize the use of music recordings.

• The benefits of using music in businesses and establishments also encompass the motivation of employees in the performance of their duties. Music increases the productivity and efficiency of professionals in the performance of their functions.

Businesses using music should respect performers and their rights

Music performers and executants contribute effort, professionalism and talent to the recording process of their musical works and/or audio visual productions for the enjoyment of the general public and of music lovers in a wide range of places and public spaces.

It is therefore reasonable that performers, value creators for businesses, receive a part of the profits obtained by these businesses through the services provided to their customers or users.

  • From a sociocultural perspective, a portion of the amounts collected from businesses and establishments using music goes directly to the promotion of young performers and their ongoing training, to support programs for the dissemination of their musical works and to welfare and social activities for artists in need.
  • From a musical perspective, performers are encouraged and motivated to continue recording new musical works.
  • From a legal perspective, the public broadcasting of recorded music generates a series of rights, recognized by Spanish and international law, for all performers and executants who create these musical works. AIE is the only legally authorized entity by the Spanish Ministry of Culture to manage these rights for performers and executants.

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AIE facilitates the legal use of music for businesses

Establishments and venues making public use of recorded music should legalize their situation.

In this section you will find all necessary information about the procedures and tariffs applied to each type of activity.

Recorded music is reproduced, broadcasted, disseminated and enjoyed in a wide range of different spaces: establishments, venues, workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, TV stations, etc.

Any business making public use of or disseminating musical recordings or audio visual recordings with musical content should legalize their situation. Check here the procedure to regularize your business activity.

AIE provides businesses with an adequate legal framework to combine the pleasure and value music adds to their activities, the promotion of young talents through AIE’s grants, concerts and seminars, and the protection of performers rights.

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