AIE Masterclasses

AIE Masterclasses at the Reina Sofía School of Music started back in 1996. It is a program organized in collaboration with Fundación Albéniz to offer proficiency masterclasses within the field of classical music. Numerous renowned artists of international standing participate in the masterclasses and share their teachings and experiences with music students and professionals.

Throughout its history, the program has counted on the presence of leading figures such as Renata Scotto, Josep Colom, Lorin Maazel or Yehudi Menuhin, among many others.

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20.11.2017- 26.11.2017András Schiff - Freixenet Orchestra
04.12.2017- 11.12.2017Ruggero Raimondi - 'Alfredo Kraus' Singing Masterclass, Fundación Ramón Areces
08.12.2017- 18.12.2017Paul Goodwin - Camerata Viesgo
11.12.2017- 12.12.2017Jerome Rose - Piano Masterclass, Fundación Banco Santander
15.01.2018- 17.01.2018Pirmin Grehl - Flute Masterclass
29.01.2018- 02.02.2018Natalia Prishepenko - Violin Masterclass, Telefónica
05.02.2018- 06.02.2018Vera Martínez Mehner & Arnau Tomás / Cuarteto Casal - String quartets
12.02.2018- 14.02.2018Gilbert Audin - Bassoon Masterclass
12.02.2018- 14.02.2018Wies de Boevé - Double Bass Masterclass, Unidad Editorial
19.02.2018- 22.02.2018Hariolf Schlichtig- Viola Masterclass, Fundación BBVA
28.02.2018- 03.03.2018Torleif Thedéen - Violoncello Masterclass
28.02.2018- 04.03.2018Christoph Poppen - Violin Masterclass, Telefónica
21.03.2018- 23.03.2018Sabine Meyer & Reiner Wehle - Clarinet Masterclass
16.04.2018- 23.04.2018Johannes Kalitze - Sinfonietta (in collaboration with Fundación BBVA)
20.04.2018- 22.04.2018Anne Sophie Mutter- Camerata Viesgo
23.05.2018 -24.05.2018Menahem Pressler, ensembles with piano- Chamber Music Department
09.06.2018 -16.06.2018Jaime Martín - Freixenet Symphony Orchestra