Welfare Assistance, Insurances and AID


We dedícate a portion of our resources to aid programs for our members, providing a wide range of benefits to ensure the security and the safe performance of the professional activity of music performers.

Free social benefits for members

AIE members are entitled to accident insurance and to a travel assistance service because we want to help support performers with any problems that may arise during their travels. If you are going through hard economic times, you can apply for our welfare assistance programs.

Concessional benefits. Special prices for members.

AIE members can apply for a private health insurance with a substantial discount. They can also receive a fair economic compensation in the event of illness by taking out a private sick pay insurance, at discount price too.

Social activities

AIE offers an extensive aid program for the most underprivileged performers.

Accident insurance

AIE members are entitled to accident insurance. This insurance responds to the conditions and requirements of the performers collective. Therefore, all members may benefit from a collective accident insurance policy free of charge provided by Zurich, which also covers death and permanent disability caused by accident.

Additionally, AIE members over the age of 70 are entitled to an accident insurance cover free of charge provided by Metlife, which comprises several social and welfare benefits for members aged between 80 and 85.

Members wanting to take out an extended coverage insurance may benefit from a discount of 30%. For more information click here.

AIE Travel Assistance

The AIE Travel Assistance Insurance provides an assistance service to members under 84 years of age, residing in Spain, in the event of any inconvenience that may arise during their travels.

This service, provided by MAPFRE, offers the following coverages: Medical Transportation and Sanitary Repatriation, Medical Care, Journey and accommodation expenses for one travel companion, Transport or repatriation of deceased holder and journey of one companion, Urgent travel expenses caused by death of a relative, Delivery of medicines, Transmission of urgent messages, Stay due to passport loss, Tracking and sending of luggage, Compensation for loss, theft or destruction of checked-in baggage, Advance on bail (legal case) and/or legal assistance expenses, and Advance on attorney fees.

Since the start of the service, AIE has managed to improve the coverages of this policy thanks to a low accident rate in the last years.

Request assistance from MAPFRE: 902 36 19 94 (if you are calling from Spain) and +34 91 581 18 23 (if you are calling from outside Spain).

Health insurance


ADESLAS: AIE members individually can take out a private health insurance coverage with ADESLAS under very favourable conditions, both in financial and performance terms, depending on market conditions and rates.

More information: 91 576 96 04 / ssimon@crgs.es

ASISA: Since December 2012, AIE holds an agreement with ASISA as a means to provide several healthcare alternatives. AIE members can take out a private health insurance coverage under very favourable financial conditions. You can download all offer details here.

More information: 91 576 96 04 / ssimon@crgs.es

ABANZIS: AIE members and their relatives can have a discount for eye surgery, cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Find all relevant information such as a list of clinical centres, availability or further funding options depending on the clinical centres on Abanzis’ website (in the section Benefits for AIE Members).

For more information:

www.abanzis.com, in the section Special Offers for Groups,

or contact ABANZIS on: 965 77 11 56  // 699 05 45 25 // info@abanzis.com

Musical instrument insurance

The Board of Directors of AIE has worked hard to provide a new service for AIE members which enables them to take out a multi-insurance for musical instruments with Zurich under very favourable conditions with respect to market prices. This insurance, exclusive for AIE members, provides coverage for musical instruments and electronic and sound equipment.

Musical instruments are insured during the stay and/or transport anywhere and in any situation within the national territory, and not necessarily in the event of rehearsals, tours or concerts. After timely notification prior to the journey, the insurance coverage can be extended to other countries through the corresponding additional payment.

Insured objects may be transported by any of the following means: motor vehicles, railway, aircraft and ship.

You can find all information in this link or by clicking here.

Los socios de AIE también se podrán beneficiar de Clave de Sol, un Seguro de Instrumentos Musicales que ofrece Mercaseguros.com. Se trata del único seguro de instrumentos musicales en España que asegura a valor concertado (el valor del instrumento lo fijas tú) sin depreciaciones por antigüedad o franquicias, que cubre el hurto y que te compensa en caso de pérdida de valor de tu instrumento después de un siniestro. Un seguro a todo riesgo que, además, permite incluir en la misma póliza todos los instrumentos y los complementos como: boquillas, fundas, etc. Si durante un viaje se produce pérdida o daños, envían a cualquier punto del país en un instrumento de sustitución. En caso de no ser posible, pagarían el alquiler de éste para que se pueda celebrar el evento.

Gracias a la colaboración de AIE con Mercaseguros.com, los socios de la Sociedad de Artistas, además de las ventajas que ofrece este seguro, contarán con una ampliación de cobertura exclusiva.

Si quiere ampliar la información puede visitar este enlace , pinchando aquí o ponerse en contacto con Mercaseguros.com a través del teléfono 962 422 424 o escribiendo a raquel@mercaseguros.com.

Social activities

We provide personal support to all members in our facilities thanks to our Membership Department and to the team of professionals that shapes AIE, whose vocation is to offer a permanent service to affiliates.


One of the most worrying professional matters for AIE is the visible lack of social security suffered endemically by musicians and artists. Until now, such shortage has been alleviated individually by musicians themselves in a burdensome way and with a high risk for their post-working life. Therefore, AIE continues working hand in hand with professional associations and cooperatives to develop and establish a NORMALIZATION FRAMEWORK FOR ACTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS, as well as to create new cooperatives across the Spanish geography.


AIE has collaborated with several professional associations whose activities are focused on the improvement of the social conditions of musicians and performers in different regions, such as: ACAM (Composers and Authors Association of Costa Rica), AMA (Associated Music Authors), AMPE (Spanish Association of Professional Musicians), AMPOS (Spanish Association of Professional Symphony Orchestra Performers), ARTE (Association of Performing Technical Representatives), Associació Catalana de Compositors, Associació de Musics de Jazz i Música Moderna de Cataluña AMJM, Associació de Músics de Tarragona, FEMA (Associated Performers Federation), JAM (Board of Music Authors), MUSXXI (Músicos Unidos Siglo XXI), Associació Professional de Músics de Catalunya MUSICAT, Músicos Ao Vivo (Professional Performers Association of Galicia), UFI (Independent Phonographic Union), Association of Professional Performers of the Canary Islands, Círculo Musical Recreativo, Música en Vena, Casa del Artista Association of Valencia, Mundo Mayor Music Festival: Music against Alzheimer and Proyecto MIR – Música en Vena.

Social Resource Guides


AIE provides its members with a service for Guidance and Advice on Social Resources. As a part of this service and through a Social Resource Guide, we try to supply general knowledge of the network of public social services which can be useful for AIE members. You can consult and download this guide on our website.

In our Social Resource Guide you will find:

  • Social Resource Dictionary
  • Links to websites of entities devoted to social actions.
  • Helplines and telephone counselling about social services.
  • Relevant legislation in the social field.

All information provided in this guide is illustrative and shall be verified and confirmed individually with the corresponding entity or authority that provides the relevant resource.

Find here the complete AIE Social Resource Guide (PDF).



As a complement to this guide, you can also consult our AIE EMPLOYMENT ORIENTATION GUIDE, which contains useful information regarding job search resources.

Find here the AIE Employment Orientation Guide (PDF).

All information provided in this guide is illustrative and shall be verified and confirmed individually with the corresponding entity or authority that provides the relevant resource.



To strengthen its commitment towards elder members, AIE offers to its affiliates a CATALOGUE OF GERONTOLOGICAL SERVICES with practical information about the functioning and management of gerontological resources and services. Being aware of the evolution of social services for the elderly, the guide includes a directory with the main relevant companies and useful information links.

Download the catalogue here.



AIE offers to its members an Orientation Guide for Grants, Scholarships and Subsidies for Musical Studies in the public and private education field.

Download the guide here.


AIE amplía su servicio de información y orientación a través de la nueva GuíAIE de Pensiones, poniendo a disposición de sus socios un resumen de las principales pensiones y prestaciones a las que pueden acceder a través de la Seguridad Social.

La información que se facilita en estas guías es orientativa y debe ser verificada y constatada de forma independiente con el organismo o entidad correspondiente de quien dependa el recurso de interés.

Puede descargarse la guía aquí

Assistance-Aid programs

Given the precariousness of social benefits and services for musicians, AIE dedicates a growing portion of its assistance resources to Assistance-Aid programs for applicants with urgent needs who are facing a precarious financial situation, mainly due to their advanced age or to serious medical conditions.

AIE provides a Social Care Service to inform applicants of the necessary procedures and formalities to apply for assistance, as well as to ensure personal guidance and orientation on further AIE assistance programs.

Read the instructions to apply for an assistance-aid program (PDF).


Since 2014, AIE members have access to an ‘assistance consultation inbox’ (in their Virtual Office area for requests) meant to provide a technical counselling service on internal and external social resources and to offer personal and individual attention for each situation while analyzing all available resources.

Elder care and assistance services

AIE is deeply committed to the needs of our elder members who, given their financial and health circumstances, constitute a particularly vulnerable sector. Therefore, through AIE Assistance and Cultural Fund, we provide our members with information and specialized services which might be useful:


ABGI (Iberian Geriatrics Charitable Association): Non-profit association which provides a FREE guidance and counselling service for the search of gerontological resources: retirement homes, day centres, home help service, legal advice and geriatric adaptation. This service, managed individually by social workers with a wide experience in the field, offers to AIE members several special discounts in a broad range of retirement homes authorized by the Community of Madrid and adjoining provinces.


Find more information here.

Phone: 91 522 42 23 /  91 523 47 86/ 628 16 30 56

E-mail: abgmadrid@msn.com




ESSIP is a FREE information, guidance and counselling service on assistance and social resources for the elderly managed by social workers and authorized by the Social Services Office. This service is certified with the ISO 9001 Norm of Quality and has over fifteen years of renowned experience in the field. AIE offers to its members two particular services:

  • Information and guidance with special prices: retirement homes, day and night centres, tele-assistance, home help, reverse mortgages, annuity incomes, technical aid, etc.
  • Specialized legal services: incapacitation and guardianship (free initial consultation), non-voluntary internment, inheritances, etc.

Find more information here.

Phone: 902 333 099 – 913 450 626

E-mail: essip@mundomayor.com